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  • About Čeněk a Ježek Ltd.

    Čeněk a Ježek company provides designs and execution of geotechnical structures carried out mainly
    by drilling technology (drilled piles or micropiles):

    • deep foundation in unstable geological conditions,
    • engineering in a special foundation branch,
    • pile and micropile foundation,
    • retaining structures for pit excavations,
    • underpinning structures,
    • foundation of extremely loaded structures,
    • remediation of landslides.

    Company Čeněk a Ježek curently employs 45 employees, including 5 experts with an Authorization
    Certificate in Geotechnics and 1 with professional competence for activities performed in a mining manner.


    1993ČENĚK A JEŽEK Ltd. was established by Ing. Tomáš Čeněk and Ing. Vojtěch Ježek. The main bussiness scope is to design structures from Civil Engineering and Geotechnics.1999Division of partners, Ing. Tomáš Čeněk left the company. Company now focuses only on a design of geotechnical structures.2000Expand of activities - execution part established and a new drilling machine Bauer was bought. Steep increase of number of orders.20053 new drilling machines, more than 30 employees. Company uses the newest drilling machines and equipment max. 5 years old, which are the prove of maximal performance. ČENĚK A JEŽEK Ltd. executes important and significant structures in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and also in Polland.2012New drilling machine Klemm KR 802-3.201540 employees, 4 drilling machines in total and the financial turnover reaches 300 mil CZK.2017Transformation from Limited company to Joint-stock company Čeněk a Ježek a.s. New company continues in the same business scope and provides design and execution of special foundation and geotechnical structures. Čeněk a Ježek a.s. executes important structures in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.2019New drilling machine Bauer BG23 and new drilling equipment and tools.2020New drilling machine Bauer BG20.


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