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    The execution of a pile foundation for a new multi-storey automated warehouse for a major online retailer started at the end of June in Kojetín in an area, which was formerly part of a sugar factory.Tall and heavy loaded structure needs a special design of pile foundation – there were designed piles of dia. up to 1500 mm and in lengths up to 36 m.

    The design was made by Ing. Jan Mrázek, the construction site is supervised by Miroslav Slabý and Vladimír Slavíček.
    The BG20, BG23 and BG33 drilling machines are currently working at the site.


    We are preparing an Execution design of pile foundation for a new production facility for one of the biggest vehicle manufacturer worldwide.

    The production hall will be founded on bored piles with circular and rectangular pile caps. At the locations of concentrated loads from upper structure, there are designed pile groups with a massive concrete footings. The loess and buried soil in situ and a huge loads from upper structure generates piles with lengths up to 30 m.

    A part of our service is also a design of a retaining structures for pits inside the halls.

    This project is a big challange and experience for our design team as long as there are many problems arising on during the process of designing and current execution carried out by local subcontractors. We are forced to solve the tasks and problems operatively in order of hours or days.

    Ing. Jan Mrázek and Ing. Veronika Špedlová are responsible for the whole design of pile foundation and retaining structures.



    New pedestrian bridge, which will be a part of a new reconstructed railway station in Pardubice, will be founded on piles drilled by our machines.

    Ing. Radek Vlasák supervises the construction site.



    Our drilling machine tried to vie with the fifth highest building in the Czech republic – with the 300 m high chimney in an areal of Power plant Chvaletice. Meanwhile the piles for a pipeline reconstruction were drilled.

    PRODUCTION HALL for F. X. Meiller Slaný Ltd.


    We have just finished the deep foundation for a new production hall for F. X. Meiller Slaný Ltd. Company. Piles of dia. 750 mm and 1000 mm with circular pile caps were drilled in a marine sediments of Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (sandstone).

    Design was prepared by Ing. Jana Dvorská, the construction site was supervised by Ing. Radek Vlasák.

    BD U JEŽÍŠKA Plzeň


    Deep foundation and the Berliner wall for a new apartment building U Ježíška in Pilsen were executed by our machines. 

    The supervisors are Ing. Radek Vlasák and Miroslav Kloc, design was made by Ing. Vojtěch Ježek.

    KAUFLAND Olomouc


    Our two drilling machines are working on a deep foundation and permanent pile wall in a neogene clay and waterlogged sandy soil. Maximal length of piles is 25 m.

    Ing. Jana Dvorská has designed the deep foundation, Ing. Vojtěch Ježek has prepared the design of the pile wall, Miroslav Slabý supervises the building site.

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