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    Our company Čeněk a Ježek a.s. regularly adopt animals from Prague ZOO to support this institution.

    The first choice was Short-beaked echidna (ježura australská), which is an animal similar to a hedgehod (= “Ježek" in our company name).
    Since we executed a foundation for a new monkey pavilion, the Western Lowland Gorillas (gorila nížinná) was the second choice.
    We have also chosen the cute Long-eared hedgehog and it immediately became a darling of the whole company.
    The last animal chosen for 2024 was a beautiful small cat, which can be really dangerous – Pallas’s cat, also known as Manul.


    We regularly support company EDA, which provides support and assistance to families with children with eye disorders or combined disabilities up to seven years of age.

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